Factory Inc. v2.1.26 (Mod-Apkr Money) You turned into a md of the manufacturing facility that may make the rest.
Upgrade your machines, and make more than a few merchandise.
Hire the chief, and automate the manufacturing facility.
Earn cash simply.
Expand your small business, and earn more money.

Features of the Factory Inc.:
• Be a md to control the control simulation.
• 20 extra sorts of machines that experience skills from normal elegance to legend elegance.
• Various managers have their very own talent.
• More than 90 producible merchandise, like furnishings, smartphones and automobiles.
• Earn Money even in offline.
• Selling a Company gadget that maximizes benefit.
• Available Offline play!
• Masterpiece of idle simulation sport can mechanically generate income.
• More fast manufacturing by means of faucet.
• Challenge Mode “Tap The Gold, Get The Money!”
Factory Inc.
Factory Inc.
Factory Inc.
Factory Inc.
Factory Inc.
Factory Inc.


Factory Inc. v2.1.26 (Mod-Apkr Money) – UPLOADED

Factory Inc. v2.1.26 (Mod-Apkr Money) – DRIVE LINK



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